Mental Health Matters!

A few years ago, i would literally look down on anybody I heard had committed suicide because they failed an exam or got dumped by their partner. It all just seemed too irrational. I had my own mental problems of course but I just thought everyone goes through the same things that I do. Little... Continue Reading →


Woman Of Worth

I was studying at the K-Classes one late evening when one of my close friends called me, she was crying so loudly I could barely hear her, i got so worried I left my books and rushed to her room. She cried even more when she saw me, I was still in shock I did... Continue Reading →

World Cup 2018

And then they were only 4 teams remaining. Croatia Vs France in the finals and England Vs Belgium for 3rd and fourth place. It has been an interesting world cup as always. I didn't get to watch it from home this year like I always do so I missed out on a lot of matches... Continue Reading →

Growing Older

Growing up has got to be one of the toughest things in life, you slowly let go of things you love because you outgrow them, they no longer excite you or give you as much hype. You eventually find substitutes for the toys, colourful clothes, junk food but they too slowly wear out. It does... Continue Reading →

I dreamt about the rapture

Awesome piece👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Grace Over Pain

Early hours of this morning, I had a very brief dream about rapture. The dream was brief but powerful and still had me shaking for hours.

I was in a big church in Nigeria. The church is one of the biggest churches in my town back home. There was no church service going on at that time but people were there volunteering, cleaning and making sure things were where they were supposed to be. I was sat outside the church watching a lot of people working hard, following due process, working with haste.

All of a sudden, I heard a loud noise like that of a trumpet. There was chaos. People were running. I didn’t understand what was going on. I saw a lady going up into the cloud. The trumpet was still blasting. That was when it hit me that people were rapturing. I saw another man being raptured…

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That African Feel

What is true liberty? It is waking up from your bed and been free to cast a vote for a leader of your choice. True liberty is freedom from foreign domination and exploitation. True liberty is breaking off the chains around your wrists. True liberty is standing strong and defending what truly is yours against... Continue Reading →

Letter To My Sweet Agness

Dear mom, How are you by this lovely time? I have only written like one love letter, so excuse my very amateurish flow. You vowed to be my best friend from birth and you have never broken your promise, even though I'm not your only child you love us all the same. You are the... Continue Reading →

A lesson from the fire

The fourth man in the fire - Daniel 3:1-30 King Nebuchadnezzar made a gold image-it was pretty big and set it up in the plain of Dura, a province in Babylon. It was commanded that whenever music was played; a sound of a flute, harp, horn citizens would have to fall to the ground and... Continue Reading →

Woman Of Worth

This piece of writing I am particularly excited about because I have been on a self development journey. It started out as just for me but I feel the need to share it with a few others. Not just women. In a society where we have so many different races, tribes, personalities, talents just to... Continue Reading →

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