Beautiful Black Gold!

You have to have fun with your hair, it is an accessory. Play with it!

-Serge Normant.

Everyone who knows me personally knows that I love big afro hair, and ever since I learnt my natural black hair can actually look like the artificial big hair I love I have been working on it.

After completing high school most girls treat,dye or cut their hair maybe because they feel the need to act a little wild. Sadly I too tried it out, I permed my hair then later added some colour to it, it was fun for a while but I grew tired of it because my hair started getting too thin. In my first year of University I decided to go natural, I let my hair transition. However I got a little impatient when there was just a few treated hair remaining and I cut them off (I regret the decision because I ended up losing more hair than I wanted, the lady who cut it did a very bad job)

Fast forward to now, my hair journey is doing fine. I moisturize every day (got myself a spray bottle), have the healthy wash(with mayonaise, eggs and all that) and I am learning how to do personal protective hairstyles.

Know your hair type…
Determining your hair type is a starting point to finding the right products and styles for your hair.
Type-four hair is the kinkiest, coarsest, and driest of all the hair types. Because of the many twists and turns of this texture type, it is very hard to get moisture to the scalp and maintain shine. The hair also tends to shrink down, making it very hard to determine the actual length of the locks.

The 4A texture is denoted by a head full of miniature curls. The diameter of each small ringlet can range from that of a pen coil to a pencil. However, the hair can shrink down to less than half its length when dry. The wash-and-go method works well on this hair type. However, keeping a blow dryer with a diffuser on hand will help stretch curls to their maximum capacity.

When wet, the Z-shaped kinks and S-shaped coils of 4B hair can be spotted. However, without the proper product regimen, frizz can quickly overcome any natural curl definition. Turn to light gels and styling butters to twist hair damp. Then, release the style for a more defined look.

When you think of 4C hair, flash back to the picked-out Afros that Pam Grier and Angela Davis rocked in the 1970s. There is no distinct curl pattern in this type, which makes it extrahard to detangle. This dense texture makes it very difficult to get any definition.


Do not get me wrong, I love the wavy(type 2) and curly(type 3) hair and I respect all my sisters embracing their hair. Coily hair has continued to be regarded as ugly for years, truth be told it is difficult to maintain and grow. But I think it is an extention of your body that also needs to be loved and taken care of. For most of my younger years, it was my moms or elder sisters responsibilty to take care of my hair i.e plait it, style it, buy hair products etc, so it is for most girls.

As you grow older, you learn how to do it yourself and if you are fortunate enough, you get friends with mad hair skills who help you groom your hair.

There is no exception with black hair, just like any other hair type, guys can rock it too.

For hair tips: fb://page/177879446171544 (Natural Hair Glory Care)


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