In our day to day interactions and situations people oftenly "put labels" on other people, funny enough its usually the people who hardly know anything about you. Perhaps people just generally feel the need to describe you before they get to know you based off what they hear or only what they see. I have... Continue Reading →

Project: Heal

Everyone who has incurred some pain physically, mentally or emotionally can agree that the healing process is actually usually the hardest, sometimes you're left with scars, other times the wounds take forever to heal and sometimes you just have no idea how to go about the healing process; you quite don't know how to get... Continue Reading →

Into the Arts!

Alo Eh! (Wagwan!) Hope you are enjoying the heat/ cold (and just recently heavy rains- honestly I am not sure what season we are in πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…all these changes are too much!) Anywho, the indefinite closure finally came to an end and CBU students are back in school- stressed and tired but we're alive! We are... Continue Reading →


Slowly I saw you give up the little things that you liked- the things that made you happy; baking, watching movies, eating, playing video games or soccer with the boys. Life became a little busier, you grew a little older too and I saw you give up on the bigger things that you always looked... Continue Reading →

Closed Indefinitely

I promised myself not to talk about the closure of my school because word had it that the Minister herself said that she wanted to "teach us a lesson" by closing the Copperbelt University indefinitely. I honestly did not have the words to describe how I felt about being delayed in completing my studies yet... Continue Reading →

Gotta Keep Fighting

I remember a time when I literally woke up to the smell of fresh roses in my bedroom. It was not so long ago so I remember all the little things that I looked forward to seeing every week; Monday we had bible study at the "HHC house" (Holy Hip-Hop Community is an inter denominational... Continue Reading →


Well...hello there! I know its being a while since I last posted something, I have been so occupied; preparing for my exams, working on Hama Decor', the internship at the American Corner and the Mental Health Campaign that begun early this year. The government then decided to close down my school indefinitely (story for another... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Black Gold!

You have to have fun with your hair, it is an accessory. Play with it! -Serge Normant. Everyone who knows me personally knows that I love big afro hair, and ever since I learnt my natural black hair can actually look like the artificial big hair I love I have been working on it. After... Continue Reading →

Stop The Stigma!

One day during my Sophomore year , I told my friends,"I think I might be mentally ill." They all looked at me and burst into laughter. I tried to explain what I was feeling exactly. They stopped me and just said, "Those are chainama issues." We were approaching the sessional exams and I thought maybe... Continue Reading →

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