Hey, are you there?

Trigger Warning! Hey... Are you there? Last time we talked you told me, you wanted to kill yourself? Hey, are you there? I am trying to reach you, you've been on my head and you look like you've got a lot going on, I am here if you want to talk. Hey, are you there?... Continue Reading →

A Private War

By Zambu Sakala Have you ever heard of Marie Colvin? She was an American journalist who covered war stories. From interviewing Gaddafi in 2011 to covering the war in Syria in 2012, she did it all. A movie was recently made about her life called “A Private War,” and in my opinion, the title is... Continue Reading →

I built a wall so high

I am a true believer of heartbreaks come in all forms and I have been heart broken a couple of times.. school, work, family and friends and just life you know as well as what you're thinking lol yes. It takes a certain type to strength to stay up when you're beaten down and sometimes... Continue Reading →

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